TV Land Pairs ‘Hot In Cleveland’ & ‘The Exes’ For Fall Schedule

TV Land has firmed up their plans for Fall 2014.

The Viacom owned comedy network is pairing their two biggest shows, Hot In Cleveland and The Exes, for their Fall schedule. TV Land said that the sixth season of the Betty White fronted comedy series Hot In Cleveland will premiere on Wednesday November 5th at 10/9c, leading into the fourth season of The Exes on Wednesday November 5th at 10:30/9:30c.

The decision to pair the two shows this fall comes less than 24 hours after Hot In Cleveland wrapped its fifth season on the network and mere days after TV Land increased the size of The Exes fourth season to 24 episodes, matching the size of the order for Hot In Cleveland‘s sixth season.

Hot In Cleveland‘s sixth season picks up from the season five finale with Joy choosing one of her potential suitors, while Elka continues her City Council career and makes her first power play. Meanwhile, Victoria is enjoying life after winning an Oscar and lands a prestigious cable drama. Plus, life isn’t so terrible for Melanie either as she continues working on her radio show and meets a prospective boyfriend.

In the fourth season of The Exes, Nicki (Leah Remini) has decided to stay in town much to Haskell’s delight. After consciously uncoupling last season, Phil (and Eden go their separate ways – Phil back to his ladies’ man habits, and Eden on to a new goal – going back to school. As for Holly, she decides to work backwards in her love life; she has the date and location all set for her wedding, now she just needs the groom.