TV Land Hands 12 Episode Back Order To ‘The Exes’

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TV Land is supersizing the fourth season of The Exes.

The Viacom owned comedy network has handed a 12 episode back order to the comedy, which stars Donald Faison, Wayne Knight and Kristen Johnston, bringing the show’s fourth season to a total of 24 episodes.

While 24 episode orders for TV Land’s flagship show Hot In Cleveland are common, the network has rarely handed such a large order to another of their original scripted entries. The only other show in the history of the network to swing a 24 episode order was Happily Divorced, which was cancelled at the completion of that supersized season.

“Everything we’ve seen from the upcoming season of ‘The Exes’ is telling us it’s going to be the best one yet,” said Larry W. Jones, President of TV Land. “Last week, we crossed the 50th episode threshold, and we thought – these episodes are SO good, let’s keep them going!”

In the fourth season of The Exes, which is set to premiere on Wednesday November 5th, Stuart’s sister Nicki (Leah Remini), who has decided to stay in town much to Haskell’s delight. After consciously uncoupling last season, Phil (and Eden go their separate ways – Phil back to his ladies’ man habits, and Eden on to a new goal – going back to school. As for Holly, she decides to work backwards in her love life; she has the date and location all set for her wedding, now she just needs the groom.