What To Watch: ‘Crossing Lines’, ‘Boomers’ & ‘Hot In Cleveland’ – This Week’s Hot Picks

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TVWise presents our hot picks of must see television for the week ahead.

Stuck on what to watch this week? The complete second season of Crossing Lines unspools on Amazon Prime Instant Video UK; BBC One’s new retirement age comedy Boomers (formerly known as Grey Mates) premieres; and Betty White returns to UK screens for the fifth season of Hot In Cleveland on Sony Entertainment Television. Also of note this week: PBS America has a key documentary on the crises in Ukraine and Syria, while HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley continues its run on Sky Atlantic.

Read on for TVWise’s pick of the six shows to keep on your radar for the week ahead…

Hot In Cleveland (Sony Entertainment Television – Monday August 11th, 11pm)

Season five kicks off with an episode which aired live in the United States. In that episode, Victoria’s husband, Emmet, escapes prison, and Victoria and the other women go to a hideout that Elka knows. But when they arrive, they discover the hideout is double-booked with other criminals.

Silicon Valley (Sky Atlantic Wednesday August 13th, 9pm)

Erlich convinces a graffiti artist to create Pied Piper’s logo, which results in a less than family friendly brand image. Meanwhile Jared tries to make the company more efficient and Richard learns he only has eight weeks to prepare for a live demo at TechCrunch.

Battle Zones: Ukraine & Syria (PBS America Thursday August 14th, 9pm)

PBS America’s current affairs documentary strand Frontline turns its attention to the on-going crises in Ukraine and Syria. Described by TVWise Editor Patrick Munn as a “must see”, the hour-long piece explores the origins of the Ukrainian conflict and highlights how the US is supporting a select group of Syrian rebels.

Maron (FOX UK Thursday August 14th, 11pm)

Marc Maron’s IFC comedy series finally hits the UK courtesy of FOX UK. The series is in a similar vein to Louie and follows a fictionalised version of Marc’s life and his successful WTF podcast.

Crossing Lines (Amazon Prime Instant Video UK Friday August 15th)

In what is a global premiere, the second season of the Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner fronted drama land on Amazon UK this Friday, when the streaming giant will be making all 12 episodes available at once. The series follows a team at the ICC investigating serialized cross-border crimes.

Boomers (BBC One – Friday August 15th, 9pm)

BBC One’s new comedy series is about 60-something relationships and follows the ups and downs of three recently retired couples. The cast includes Russ Abbot, Stephanie Beacham, Philip Jackson, James Smith, Alison Steadman, June Whitfield and Paula Wilcox.