TV Trailer: ‘Defiance’ Season 2 On Syfy UK

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Syfy UK has released the first trailer for the second season of Defiance, which is set to premiere on Thursday September 18th at 9pm.

Developed for television by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Kevin Murphy & Michael Taylor, Defiance is set in the near future and introduces a world where humans and aliens must learn to live together on an exotic new Earth that has been transformed by alien terra-forming machines. The series follows the residents of town called Defiance as they go about their daily lives in this new world. The drama series is produced by Universal Cable Productions and stars Grant Bowler, Tony Curran, Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, Mia Kirshner and Graham Greene.

In the show’s second season, the lives of the townspeople are in drastic turmoil. The Earth Republic has assumed control of the town, with far-reaching consequences including a new mayor. Nolan traverses the badlands to find a lost Irisa, Amanda has an unexpected new role in the town as she searches for Kenya and the Tarr family desperately tries to keep control of their criminal empire in the midst of dramatic changes. Cast additions for season two include James Murray (Primeval), Anna Hopkins (Nikita) and William Atherton (Life).

Watch the trailer below: