TLC UK Orders Katie Hopkins Fronted Weight Gain Documentary – TVWise

TLC UK has ordered a two-part documentary fronted by Katie Hopkins, which will see the former apprentice star gain weight in an attempt to prove how easy weight loss is.
The as yet untitled two-parter sees Hopkins attempt to gain four stone and deal with the various body image issues and prejudices that the overweight face on a daily basis. In the second episode, she will then attempt to shed the weight she has gained, which amounts to half of her original body weight.
The documentary comes in the wake of incendiary comments made by Hopkins, who has previously stated that she would not employ someone who is overweight. The two-parter aims to both prove her theory that that self-discipline and self-belief are key to weight-loss and dispel her prejudices about the overweight by having her spend time with such people.
“Katie has been very outspoken about her prejudices towards overweight people”, a spokesperson for TLC UK said in a statement. “This documentary will confront her attitudes and put her beliefs to the test by following her own physical and emotional journey as she gains and loses weight, whilst exploring the broader issues of body image in our society.”
Set to air in early 2015, the special was commissioned by Discovery Networks International’s Vice-President of Production and Development for Factual Entertainment Sarah Thornton and is being produced by Crackit Productions. The executive producers are Charlotte Reid and Hannah Springham.
“We are extremely proud of this commission with TLC. For Crackit it is the latest in our raft of programmes that have agenda-setting topics at their heart”, added Elaine Hackett, Crackit Productions’ Creative Director. “We pride ourselves on making programmes that push boundaries, address issues and encourage debate. Hannah is a brilliant executive producer and as a new Crackit executive, I’m delighted this is her first commission – one which promises to challenge and entertain in equal measures.”