Jimmy Kimmel Live Plays Host To ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox took part in a mini Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Jennifer Anniston was on the show to promote her upcoming feature film Life Of Crime, which opens in cinemas this Friday. At the end of their interview, Kimmel confessed to Jennifer Anniston that he was a big fan of Friends and revealed that he had written a fanfiction, before asking the former Friends star to “do a scene” with him.

Kimmel then reveals a replica of the kitchen set from Monica’s apartment and the two play out the scene, with Kimmel playing Ross. Before Anniston’s friends and former co-stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow appear to reprise their roles as Monica and Phoebe, respectively. Wondering where the other guys are? As Kimmel explains, they’re dead after being bitten by Ross’ monkey Marcel and contracting rabies.

Watch the mini-reunion below: