FOX UK Unveils Trailer For Comedy Series ‘Maron’

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FOX UK has released the first trailer for their new comedy series Maron, which is set to premiere on Thursday August 14th at 11pm.

Maron was created by comedian Marc Maron and follows a fictionalised version Marc’s life and his successful WTF podcast. Each episode lays bare the misguided attempts of a man who is trying to grow, but often finds himself asking, “We good?”. Guest stars for the show’s 10 episode first season include Mark Duplass, Illeana Douglas, Dave Foley, Jeff Garlin, Gina Gershon, Bobcat Goldthwait, Ken Jeong and Denis Leary.

In the first season, Maron chronicles often the eponymous characters misguided attempts to grow professionally as a comedian and emotionally with his estranged dad, Larry (Judd Hirsch) and unconventional new girlfriend, Jennifer (Nora Zehetner) while being aided by his clueless fan-boy assistant Kyle (Josh Brener).

Watch the trailer below: