‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’ To End Run With Fourth Season

Dynamo S4Watch’s hit magic series Dynamo: Magician Impossible is to end its run with the upcoming fourth season, UKTV has confirmed.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible follows Dynamo (AKA Stven Frayne) as he travels the globe astounding everyone he meets with his unique magic tricks. The series, from Inner Circle Films and Phil McIntyre Entertainment, launched on Watch in 2012 and has been a huge success for the UKTV owned channel, reaching over 30 million viewers in the UK to date.

The upcoming fourth and final season, which premieres on Watch on Thursday September 4th at 9pm, features One Direction & Coldplay and follows Dynamo as he travels across the world from the US to Europe and India before returning to the north of England, where Dynamo’s story first began.

“It is the final series of Magician Impossible. It feels right. There have been so many amazing TV shows that I think could have finished a bit earlier and kept the mystique. As much as I’d love to keep making more episodes and keep it going on forever, I want to leave people wanting more.

The magic series has also been a hit on the international market and has been sold into more than 190 territories, including the United States, and has attracted a global audience of more than 250 million viewers. Despite the decision to end the show, UKTV’s Director of Commissioning Richard Watsham said that they were talking to Dynamo about fronting future projects for the broadcaster.

“I think we’ve absolutely pushed and changed the magic landscape over the past three series and the fourth is our best yet”, added Executive Producer Dan Albion. “We’ve managed to do some incredible things in that time period, but you can’t keep doing the same thing forever. Watch has been supportive throughout and we’ll continue to talk to Richard and the team about what might come next for Dynamo.”