BBC One Orders Adaptation Of John Lanchester’s ‘Capital’

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BBC OneBBC One has given the green-light to Capital, a three-part drama based on the novel of the same name by John Lanchester.

Capital is described as a “observant look at modern Britain”. The three-part drama explores the live of the diverse residents of a London street, which is transformed by soaring property prices. One day, every resident receives a postcard that says “we want what you have”. Leading to three important questions: Who has sent them? What exactly do they want? And how far will they go to get it?

The drama is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by John Lanchester, which was first published by Faber and Faber in 2012. The novel has been adapted by Marvellous scribe Peter Bowker. Spooks and Broadchurch indie Kudos Film & Television is producing Capital, with Derek Wax and Lucy Richer serving as the executive producers. The project marks the latest collaboration between Bowker and Kudos, who produced the writer’s recent drama From There To Here.

Capital“Through drama, Capital captures the modern Britain that I’m passionate about bringing to the channel”, said BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore, who commissioned the adaptation alongside the BBC’s Controller of Drama Commissioning Ben Stephenson. “Peter Bowker’s page turning script shines a light on the comings and goings of one London Street and cleverly interweaves a vibrant set of characters who we soon learn to realise know very little about their neighbours.”

Peter Bowker commented: “Capital is a novel that is about the way we live now in modern cities where poverty lives cheek by jowl with dazzling affluence, and where tradition and modernity clash and coexist – it is both a mystery and a love story. The challenge in adapting it has been to retain all those elements along with the spirit of the original – a kind of comic outrage – while using John’s cast of fascinating, funny and disparate characters to explore what our relationship is with money.”

While John Lanchester added: I’m thrilled that Derek Wax and Peter Bowker are making Capital for the BBC. It’s going to be very exciting and very strange to have something on the telly, rather than sitting on the sofa watching it.”