Yahoo Screen To Revive Cancelled Fox Comedy ‘Enlisted’?

Yahoo Screen is reportedly in talks with 20th Century Fox Television to pick up a second season of military comedy Enlisted.

Per Deadline, Yahoo Screen is considering picking up a 13 episode second season of the comedy series, which was cancelled by Fox in early May alongside fellow bubble series Surviving Jack and Dad. It is understood that the talks between Yahoo Screen and 20th century Fox Television are preliminary and it is unclear if the two parties will be able to come to terms and revive the comedy.

Enlisted was created by Kevin Biegel and revolves around three very different brothers working together on a small Army base in Florida. At the center of the comedy is Sergeant Pete Waits who gets transferred from Afghanistan back to a base in Florida after an altercation with a superior officer. It’s at this base that he is handed a tough assignment – leading his brother’s squad. The series is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and stars Geoff Stults, Keith David, Parker Young, Chris Lowell and Angelique Cabral.

If the deal comes together, which may prove problematic as both the cast and crew of the comedy have moved on to other projects, it will be the second time in as many months that Yahoo Screen has revived a broadcast comedy series with a dedicated, but cult, audience. The streaming service recently picked up a new season of the NBC/SPT comedy Community. Such shows are appealing for Yahoo who are trying to establish themselves as an original player when it comes to original television content.

The rumblings of this deal comes at a curious time, following today’s announcement that the two heads of Enlisted‘s producing studio 20th Century Fox Television, Gary Newman and Dana Walden, had been appointed as Chairmen and CEO’s of Fox Television Group (FTG). FTG is a new unit with Fox Networks Group which will oversee both the studio and the network which initially cancelled Enlisted back in May.