Atlantic Productions Launches Virtual Reality Studio Alchemy VR – TVWise

Atlantic Productions and their visual effects studio Zoo have launched Alchemy VR, a virtual reality content production studio which will produce content for select VR platforms.
Alchemy VR will draw from Atlantic Productions’ factual roots and will develop and produce educational, non-fiction content for VR platforms through a combination of live action 3D, 360 videos and fully immersive CGI worlds.
The studio is already deep in development on a number of projects for major VR manufacturers including Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus. One such project features Sir David Attenborough and will bring viewers face to face with the extraordinary creatures that first inhabited the planet.
“This venture is a natural progression for us, harnessing the unique and talented team we have built to create content for a revolutionary platform which finally becoming viable for a consumer audience”, said Anthony Geffen, CEO of Alchemy VR. “Atlantic Productions has a rich history of creating immersive narratives and pioneering new techniques – a legacy which we will be extending even further through Alchemy VR.”
While James Prosser, Head of the Studio, added: commented: “We are incredibly excited about our upcoming projects and the future of VR. For anyone who experienced VR in the 80’s and saw its potential it has been a very long wait to get to where we are now where we have the hardware platforms with capabilities to deliver these truly immersive experiences. We will look back at this time as being the dawn of a new era in how we view, experience, and interact with content.”