TV Clips: Ricky Gervais On ‘The Daily Show’

Comedy Central Extra has released two clips from Ricky Gervais’ upcoming appearance on The Daily Show.

One of the clips in question show Gervais being grilled on his fitness, with Stewart joking he isn’t looking as good as on previous appearances. The exchange leads Gervais to retort “I’m basically a fat guy at heart and it’s killing me…trying to keep fit is literally killing me”. What results is a discussion on how Gervais might like to die , commenting that he doesn’t want a “comedy death.”

The second clip sees Gervais and Jon Stewart begin by discussing their respective ages before seguing into a near rant on the fact that science has extended human life. What follows is a hilarious exchange on exactly how Gervais would like to go out – “in a bucket”.

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The Daily Show airs tonight at 00.45am on Comedy Central Extra.