Sneak Peek: Melissa McCarthy Discusses Crazy Audition On 'The Daily Show' – TVWise

Comedy Central Extra has released a first look clip of Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming appearance on The Daily Show
The clip shows Melissa McCarthy, who was appearing on the show to promote her upcoming feature film Tommy, discussing the audition process early on in her career and the eclectic group of actors she met.
McCarthy then recounts a bizarre experience on one particular audition. “…a girl came storming in the room once full of energy of a true maybe unbalanced girl in her twenties who went in with an aalllright and went in for some kind of a clapping thing, before cool handshakes were in, and immediately sat down and tried to be in on a joke that no one else was in on.”
From there the Mike & Molly star explains that the actress in question then went into the room, stating that she went “way back” with everyone in the room. “They clearly didn’t know her”, McCarthy continues, “and are like ‘What have you been up to?’, and she’s like ‘just getting over an abortion, doing cool. Doing what I do, auditioning…’”
Watch the clip below:
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The Daily Show airs tonight at 00.30am on Comedy Central Extra