Sneak Peek: Keira Knightley On ‘The Daily Show’ – “I Didn’t Sound Like Adele”

Comedy Central Extra has released a first look clip of Keira Knightley’s upcoming appearance on The Daily Show.

Keira Knightley appeared on The Daily Show to promote TWC’s upcoming feature film Begin Again, which opens tomorrow in the United States and sees Knightly singing on-screen.

Stewart expresses his surprise at her singing ability and the asks if she had ever sung onscreen before. Keira Knightly confesses that, while she has, it was “never like this.” She goes on to explain “I was just quite disappointed that I didn’t sound like Adele.”

He then suggest that she must have known her singing voice was good, prompting Knightley to reveal she wasn’t given the song until two day before it was recorded. “I’m not a singer, I really don’t know how to do this, we just got in there and said…this has to work.”

The clip ends with Jon Stewart giving his own unique theory on The Special Relationship between the US and the UK, which boils down to “I’m an ignorant a*****e and you’re kindly putting up with me.”

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The Daily Show airs tonight at 1.10am on Comedy Central Extra.