WB Takes Full Ownership Of Shed Media Group, Company To Rebrand As Warner Bros Television Productions UK

Warner Bros Television Group has taken full control of Shed Media Group and is to re-brand the prod co as Warner Bros Television Productions UK in a move that will see Shed Media CEO Nick Southgate exit the company, while key execs Nick Emmerson and Claire Hungate have been tapped to lead the newly named production outfit.

Southgate, who has been with Shed as CEO since 2009, will exit the company upon the completion of the transaction that will see Warner Bros Television Group take full ownership of Shed Media. At that stage, the company will re-brand as Warner Bros Television Productions UK with Nick Emmerson, currently serving as CEO of the Shed owned Ricochet, will become Managing Director of the renamed company; while Claire Hungate, currently Shed’s COO, will become co-Managing Director.

It was back in 2010 that Warner Bros Television Group initially acquired a controlling stake in Shed Media Group, which is comprised of Wall to Wall, Twenty Twenty Television, Ricochet, Watershed Television, Renegade Pictures, Yalli and Headstrong Pictures. The recent move to take full control of the company is part of a growing trend amongst studios to expand their business base outside of the United States.

As Managing Director of the renamed production outfit, Nick Emmerson will report to Peter Roth, President and Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros Television Group and work closely with WB’s Unscripted and Alternative Television Boss Mike Darnell. He be responsible for the overall operation of the new company, with a primary focus on creative affairs, and will continue to collaborate with the US based production units of WBTVG. The heads of the companies under the renamed Warner Bros Television Productions UK, including Wall To Wall, will report to Emmerson,

WBITD“I’m delighted to get the opportunity to focus on giving the hugely talented and creative leaders of Wall to Wall, Ricochet, Twenty Twenty, Renegade, Watershed, Headstrong and Yalli all the tools they need to do what they do best — make great television programmes”, said Emmerson. “I couldn’t be happier that I’ll be joined on this mission by Claire Hungate. I first worked with Claire back in our Princess Productions days, and I know from experience that she’s the first name you’d want on your team sheet.”

Meanwhile, in her new position as co-Managing Director, Claire Hungate will report to Emmerson and will work closely with Ronald Goes, Executive Vice President and Head of International Television Production. She will have responsibility for the business, strategic and financial matters of Warner Bros. Television Productions UK and will work closely with the heads and senior executives of Wall to Wall, Twenty Twenty, Ricochet, Watershed, Renegade, Yalli and Headstrong on strategic and operational plans for the group.

“Having worked to grow Wall to Wall and ultimately the Shed Group alongside Nick Southgate, it’s now fantastic to be part of the leadership team taking the company to a new level, as Warner Bros. Television Productions UK”, added Claire Hungate. “I look forward to working with Nick Emmerson and the great creative and strategic teams across the company to continue growing its presence and success in the UK TV production space.”

While in a joint statement Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution President Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, Warner Bros. Television Group Business and Strategy President Craig Hunegs  and Peter Roth said: “With the completion of the full acquisition of Shed Media Group, we are excited to operate the company now under the Warner Bros. brand as a fully integrated part of the Warner Bros. Television Group. Nick and Claire, with their shared experience and complementary creative and strategic business skill sets, will form an undeniable team and prove to be great leaders for the future of Warner Bros. Television Productions UK. We look forward to continued success across the globe with the combination of our U.S., UK and international television production businesses, including the recently acquired Eyeworks Group and the BlazHoffski Group.”