ITV’s ‘Vera’ Renewed For Fifth Season, Kenny Doughty Joins Cast

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ITV’s detective drama Vera has been renewed for a fifth season, which has now begun filming in the North East of England.

Based on the series of novels written by Ann Cleeves, Vera follows experienced Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope as she tries to crack some of the toughest cases in Northumberland. The drama series is produced by ITV Studios and stars Brenda Blethyn, Jon Morrison (High Times), Cush Jumbo (Torchwood: Children of Earth), Kingsley Ben-Adir (City Slacker) and Riley Jones.

The show’s fifth season, which will again consist of four episodes, will see Brenda Blethyn reprising her role as DCI Vera Stanhope; while long-time cast member David Leon has departed the show, with his character DS Joe Ashworth having finally received a promotion. Stella alum Kenny Doughty has joined the cast as DS Aiden Healy, who replaces the new promoted Joe Ashworth.

The new run of Vera opens with an episode written by Martha Hillier and follows Vera and Aiden as they investigate a mysterious death at a caravan park. The directors for the fifth season are Marek Losey, Daikin Marsh, Stewart Svaasand and Will Sinclair. Production is set to continue through the Autumn, with a projected 2015 air date.

“ I am so happy to be embarking on series 5 of Vera and whilst I’ll miss David Leon (Joe Ashworth finally got his long awaited promotion – Celine was delighted!)”, said Brenda Blethyn. “I’m very glad to be reunited with Jon Morrison, Riley Jones, Cush Jumbo and our new member of the team Kenny Doughty. Northumberland here we come!’

While Kenny Doughty added: “I’m really thrilled to be joining Vera. It’s such a fantastic show and I’m especially excited to be working alongside the lovely and brilliant Brenda Blethyn.”