Gold Secures Monty Python Live Broadcast

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Gold - LogoUKTV’s Gold channel will broadcast the final performance of the Monty Python Live (mostly): One Down Five to Go stage show.

The 10 night stage show sees the long anticipated re-union of the five members of Monty Python for the first time in 40 years. UKTV will be broadcasting the final night’s performance live on Sunday July 20th.

Gold’s broadcast will consist of a live back stage programme, produced by Phil McIntyre Television, followed by the stage show itself. The broadcast is expected to last three hours and marks the first time in UKTV’s 21 year history that an event of this magnitude has aired live on any of their channels.

In addition to a live broadcast of the final performance, UKTV has also commissioned a five-part series on Monty Python. Said series, which is currently untitled, is also being produced by Phil McIntyre Television and explores the nation’s favourite Monty Python sketches and the effect that they have had on the comedy world.

“It’s a huge step in Gold’s evolution to be part of such a significant national event and to be broadcasting it live so that everyone can be there”, said Richard Watsham, UKTV’s Director of Commissioning. “Monty Python is arguably the most influential comedy group the country has ever known and it’s a matter of great pride that they’ve trusted us with celebrating their very last night together.”

While Eric Idle added: “What could be finer at the end of a long life in comedy, than a chance to reunite with old pals and say goodbye to all our fans in one final mad musical show.  We are very excited that not only do we get the chance to screw up on stage, we get a chance to screw up live on TV too.”