Upfronts 2014: First Look At TNT's 'Proof' – TVWise

TVWise continues our Upfronts coverage with a first look at TNT’s new drama series Proof.
Proof follows Dr Carolyn Tyler (Jennifer Beals), a brilliant surgeon with a caustic edge. Carolyn has suffered the recent, devastating loss of her teenage son, the breakup of her marriage to Dr. Len Barliss (Sean Gleeson) and a growing estrangement from their daughter (Annie Thurman). But Carolyn’s own trauma hasn’t deterred her from her charitable outreaches, which include helping disaster victims in far-flung trouble spots throughout the world.
Despite her skeptical, hard-science attitude, Carolyn is persuaded by a cancer-stricken tech millionaire Ivan Turing (Matthew Modine) to investigate cases of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, hauntings and other supernatural phenomena. Her goal is to find verifiable proof to life’s greatest questions: Is death truly the end, or is there something else beyond?
Helping – or sometimes hindering – Carolyn in her quest are her boss, Dr. Charles Russell (Joe Morton), the head of the hospital, and Peter Van Owen (Callum Blue), a best-selling author who claims to be psychic. Edi Gathegi plays Zed, a hospital intern from the Sudan who assists Carolyn, and Caroline Rose Kaplan plays Janel Ramsey, Turing’s assistant.