UKTV's Eden Picks Up Nature Series 'Ten Deadliest Snakes' – TVWise

UKTV’s Eden channel is to air three-part nature series Ten Deadliest Snakes after reaching a pre-sale deal with Nigel Marven’s independent production company Image Impact.
Ten Deadliest Snakes follows wildlife presenter Nigel Marven as he travels to America, South Africa and Costa Rica, to count down his list of each nation’s ten deadliest snakes. Nigel, known for his spontaneous and daring style of presentation, explores tropical jungles, cacti-strewn deserts, mountain forests and murky swamps for his close encounters with cobras, bushmasters, rattlesnakes, and mambas.
“I’ve always been fascinated by venomous snakes – often misunderstood, graceful yet deadly, they’re perfectly adapted for their role as predators”, said Nigel Marven. “Visiting reptile-rich countries in search of my top ten has been an awesome adventure – and though I had venom sprayed in my face, I’ve not been bitten yet!”
While Eden’s General Manager Adrian Wills added: “Nigel Marven is completely fearless and has no problem dodging snapping jaws and vicious fangs so that Eden viewers can learn more about the world’s deadliest snakes. This series will showcase the remarkable behaviours and powerful strikes of these unique and phenomenal creatures.”