UKTV, Sky Vision Productions To Co-Produce Battle Re-Enactment Series 'Weekend Warriors' – TVWise

UKTV has inked a deal with Sky Vision Productions – the production company which is part of BSkyB’s international distribution division Sky Vision – to co-produce a six episode series about battle re-enactors for their specialist factual channel Yesterday.
The series, titled Weekend Warriors, explores the world of battle re-enactors who spend their weekends re-enacting history’s greatest battles from the Roman Empire through to World War Two. The battles are carefully and accurately re-created in fields and villages across the UK. Each episode will follow a different group of re-enactors as they prepare for their weekend battles. Battle re-enactments covered in the six episode series include the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Mount Badon, which fuelled the legend of King Arthur. Weekend Warriors is slated to air on Yesterday in Q4 2014.
“Weekend Warriors takes a totally immersive look at life on the battlefield during some of the most famous wars in history through the eyes of the battle re-enactors”, said Yesterday’s General Manager Adrian Wills. “Every weekend they step into the clothes of the ordinary soldier, learn to use their equipment, and fight their fights to re-live some of the most iconic conflicts in history. This series will give Yesterday viewers the most comprehensive look at warfare though the ultimate living historians.”
UKTV’s Acquisitions & Co-Production Manager Emma Sparks, who negotiated the deal with Sky Vision, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Sky Vision Productions on a series which will appeal to viewers fascinated by war and history and also those intrigued by the characters of the battle re-enactors. Audiences will be swept along by the passion and knowledge of the Weekend Warriors.”
While Danny Tipping, Sky Vision Productions’ Director of Programming and Development, added: “We’re delighted to be exploring these incredible battles with some of the country’s most passionate and knowledgeable historians for Yesterday. We’re taking the audience right to history’s frontlines and into battle with us.’’