UKTV, NBCU & Shed Media Join BAFTA Albert Consortium – TVWise

BAFTA are adding to the ranks of the BAFTA Albert Consortium – the industry’s leading think tank on environmental sustainability – with UKTV, NBCUniversal International Television and the Warner Bros owned Shed Media Group joining the body.
Launched in 2011, the BAFTA Albert Consortium has been working to raise awareness of the impact of the production process on the environment and promote greener techniques, and in turn sustainability, in the UK and overseas. With the addition of the three companies, the membership of the Consortium now stands at 12 (UKTV, NBCUniversal International Television, Shed Media, ITV, BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Kudos, IMG, TwoFour, Endemol and ALL3MEDIA).
“UKTV’s commitment to sustainability is reflective of the passionate, imaginative and creative culture of the company and our staff”, said Leah Milton, UKTV’s Head of Production. “We are delighted to have joined the BAFTA Albert Consortium and are dedicated to ensuring all programmes we commission address the issue.”
Samantha Jukes-Adams, Vice-President of Production for NBCUniversal International Television Production, commenetd: “As a significant player in the UK production market, we are committed to make our programmes as sustainable as possible. Membership to the BAFTA Albert Consortium allows us to both learn and contribute to best practice for low carbon production.”
While Claire Hungate, COO of Shed Media, added: “As a leading producer of TV content, we welcome the opportunity to embed sustainability across Shed Media’s diverse portfolio of projects. We remain fully committed to making environmental sustainability an integral, mainstream facet of all our production processes.”