Fast Tracking ‘The Walking Dead’ Pays Off For Fox International Channels

Fox International Channels’ strategy of fast tracking The Walking Dead has paid off, with newly released figures revealing that the fourth season attracted more than 25 million viewers to FIC’s entertainment channels in 14 countries across Europe.

The strategy of launching the show’s fourth season within 24 hours of its broadcast on AMC in the United States was designed to reinforce FIC’s programming approach of “First On Fox” and highlight Fox’s commitment to launch new series globally as close as possible to US transmission. The move resulted in FIC adding some 9.5 million new viewers to their channels in Europe, the broadcaster said today.

Across Europe, the show’s fourth season maintained a steady audience through its first eight episodes, with the second eight posting a marked increase in viewership. In the UK, debuting the second half of The Walking Dead season four within 24 hours of the US saw the Zombie series rank as the number one programme on Pay TV in its time-slot; with the finale of season four, which managed more than one million viewers, ranking as FOX UK’s highest ever rated programme.

With the numbers clearly indicating the thirst amongst audiences to watch content as close to US transmission as possible, FIC is likely to look at further opportunities to do so in the future. In the UK, FOX already airs Da Vinci’s Demons within two weeks of the US broadcast on Starz and they have announced similar plans for the new seasons of Louie, True Blood and Falling Skies.