UKTV’s Watch Channel Hands Series Order To ‘Singing In The Rainforest’

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UKTV are getting musical for their next original series.

The commercial network’s flagship entertainment channel Watch has commissioned Gogglebox Entertainment to produce Singing In The Rainforest, a 5 episode fish-out-of-water factual entertainment series which will see musicians taken out of their comfort zones, sent into the rainforest and immersed into tribal life.

In the series, top music talent will leave behind their creature comforts and embrace life with remote tribes from all around the world. UKTV said that Singing In The Rainforest will result in “remarkable meeting of different cultures” with the tribe presenting their musical style to the musicians and vice versa. At the end of each episode the tribe and the musicians will create a new song together, blending their respective musical styles.

The format was created and will be produced by Gogglebox Entertainment, a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television, and will air on Watch in late 2014/early 2015. Singing In The Rainforest was commissioned by UKTV’s Commissioneing Editor Hillary Rosen and ordered by Watch’s General Manager Steve Hornsey. The music talent lined up for the series will be announced at a later date; while the music created on the show will be available for viewers to download after each episode airs, with the shares of the sales of the song going to benefit the tribe.

“From the moment this show was pitched to us we all felt excited by the scale and ambition of the idea”, said Rosen. “However, at its heart there is a very simple premise; can the power of music bridge the gap between famous musicians and remote tribes people who know nothing about our celebrities or western music? Singing in the Rainforest promises to be a fascinating and entertaining series and its unique proposition makes it the ideal format for Watch.”

While Watch’s General Manager Steve Hornsey added: “Singing in the Rainforest is a truly unique blend of entertainment, exploration and discovery. It will see some of our best-loved musicians exposed to brand new experiences and musical influences that will impact the way they think about their own work.  Taking people and programming out of the comfort zone makes it a perfect show for Watch, where we love all things out of the ordinary.”