TV Trailer: ITV’s ‘Tommy Cooper: Not Like That Like This’

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ITV has released a trailer for their upcoming Tommy Copper biopic Tommy Cooper: Not Like That Like This. The single drama, which hails from Simon Nye and stars David Threlfall, is set to premiere on Monday April 21st at 9pm.

Penned by Simon Nye, the one-off film tells the story of the life of legendary comedian Tommy Cooper, with a particular focus on the dilemma the much-loved comedian faced when he fell in love with assistant Mary Kay and embarked upon a relationship that would last 17 years. Tommy was married to Gwen, whom he adored and affectionately nicknamed Dove, and unable to choose between Dove and Mary, and his untimely death live on air in 1984 meant that he never did. The one-off is produced by Left Bank Pictures and stars David Threlfall, Amanda Redman and Helen McCrory.

ITV’s Trailer For Tommy Cooper: Not Like That Like This Follows Below: