More4 Sets UK Premiere Date For 'Boss' Season 2 – TVWise

The second (and final) season of Starz’s political drama series Boss will receive its UK premiere on More4 on Thursday April 24th at 11pm, it has been announced.
Boss was created by Farhad Safina and revolves around the daily life of embattled Chicago mayor Tom Kane. The award winning series stars Kelsey Grammer as Mayor Tom Kane, Connie Nielsen as Meredith Kane, Hannah Ware as Emma Kane, Jeff Hephner as Ben Zajac, Kathleen Robertson as Kitty O’Neill, Troy Garity as Sam Miller and Rotimi as Darius.
In season two of Boss, Kane ferociously beats back the physical symptoms of his illness with high doses of medication. But this comes at a cost: experiencing heightened psychological manifestations of the disease. Without his longtime advisors Stone and Kitty, Kane is also forced to reconfigure his inner circle. Surrounded by strangers and without much time left, he acts quickly to protect and repair his legacy by cutting out the cancers within the political machine. But as corrupt heads roll and his list of enemies grows, Kane’s virtuous actions begin to erode the very foundation of power he’s worked a lifetime to build. In order to maintain it, Kane must govern as he always has—ruthlessly.
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