Management Company 42 Pacts With ITVSGE For Move Into Television

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Management and production company 42 has inked a deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment which will see the two collaborate on television projects as the company moves into the area for the first time.

Set up by Rory Aitken, Ben Pugh, Josh Varney and Kate Buckley in 2013, 42 has a background in feature film production and represents an impressive roster of actors, writers and directors including Michael Caine, Rhys Ifans, Rupert Friend, Christopher Lee, Tom Mison, William Monahan, Lynne Ramsay, Peter Cattaneo, Eran Creevy and Tom Harper

Under the terms of the deal, 42 and ITVSGE will co-develop high-end television projects with ITV Studios Global Entertainment handling international distribution. While this will mark 42’s first foray into television, the company has worked on numerous film projects including Shifty, Welcome To The Punch and Monsters: The Dark Continent.

“We are delighted to be partnering with 42 to develop strong dramas for international distribution”, said Ruth Clarke, Director of Acquisitions and Co-Productions for ITV Studios Global Entertainment. “Their track record in quality film production, coupled with their impressive on and off screen talent roster gives the company a real edge as they move into television and we look forward to working with them.”