BBC Two Sets UK Premiere Date For 'Generation War' – TVWise

German series Generation War – which is the first foreign language series to air on BBC Two since 2001 – will receive its UK premiere on BBC Two on Saturday April 26th at 9:30pm.
Generation War depicts the lives of five German friends from 1941-45 – two brothers who become Wehrmacht soldiers, a singer, a nurse, and their Jewish friend. The series opens in 1941when Wilhelm is off to the eastern front with his younger brother Friedhelm, a sensitive dreamer more interested in books than warfare. Deeply in love with Wilhelm is Charlotte, a young nurse who feels her duty calling and agrees to serve in the Wehrmacht, also on the eastern front. While talented singer Greta dreams of being another Marlene Dietrich, her Jewish boyfriend Viktor begins to realise that the lives of both him and his family will be in grave danger if they stay in Germany. As the war takes hold, none of the friends can imagine how the conflict will ultimately change not only them, but the rest of the world. The drama, which has been dubbed the “German Band of Brothers“, is produced by TeamWorx & Beta Film and is distributed globally by Beta Film in cooperation with Arrow Films in the UK.
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