TV Trailer: BBC Two’s ‘Salting The Battlefield’

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BBC Two has released the first trailer for their upcoming 90 minute drama Salting The Batllefield, the sequel to Page Eight & Turks and Caicois and the final part of The Worricker Trilogy, which is set to premiere on Thursday March 27th at 9pm.

Written and directed by David Hare, Salting The Battlefield follows Johnny Worricker and Margot Tyrrell who are on the run across Europe, with MI5 hard on their heels. But life in exile is proving much harder than either of them expected. Worricker knows that his only chance of resolving both his personal and his professional lives is if he returns home to confront the powerful Prime Minister, Alec Beasley. In a duel of wits between the two men, there will be only one winner. The 90 minute drama is produced by Carnival Films in association with Heyday Films & Runaway Fridge Films and stars Bill Nighy, Saskia Reeves, Judy Davis, Kate Burdette, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Ewen Bremner and Malcolm Sinclair.

BBC Two’s Trailer For Salting The Battlefield Follows Below: