TV Trailer: ITV’s Two-Parter ‘Undeniable’

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ITV has released the first trailer for their upcoming two-part drama Undeniable, which stars Peter Firth & Claire Goose and is set to premiere on Monday April 7th at 9pm.

Created by Chris Lang and directed by John Strickland, Undeniable tells the story of Jane Fielding (Claire Goose), whose mother Anne was murdered in 1991 while they were on a picnic in Long Mynd, Shropshire. Now, 23 years later, Jane locks eyes with a man that could be her mother’s killer: Andrew Bolton (Peter Firth). The Police’s Chief Investigating Officer Alison Hall (Pippa Haywood), however, remains sceptical and worries Jane is crumbling emotionally. Can she finally learn the truth about who killed her mother, and why? Undeniable is produced by TXTV with Jeremy Gwilt serving as the producer/executive producer. Nick Lee (The Fall), Robert Pugh (The Thirteenth Tale) and Diana Kent (Whitechapel) also star.

ITV’s Trailer For Undeniable Follows Below: