Polish Production Studio Doubles As Spaceship In New Sky Arts Drama

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Earlier this month, Sky Arts unveiled details of the new season of their Playhouse Presents strand, which features 8 one-off dramas and comedies. One such one-off was Space Age, a drama from Nick Moran and Ralf Little about ageing astronauts.

That drama, which is a production of Hillbilly Television, Different Pictures and FremantleMedia UK, was produced at the Alvernia Studios in Poland. The production facility, which went operational in 2010, is located 10 miles west of Krakow and they handled the production, filming, and VFX for Space Age; marking the first time that the studio has worked on a UK television production.

In addition, Alvernia Studios has also been immortalised in the final product, with the studios’ futuristic domes (pictured, left) & modern architecture featuring heavily in the work and interior of the Studios taking on the role of a spaceship. “The brilliant facilities offered by Alvernia Studios allowed us to give Space Age production values far beyond the reach anticipated from a one off British half hour Sci-Fi TV drama”, said producer Charlie Leech. “The sets were spectacular, the crew highly professional and the VFX of movie quality and style.”

Penned by Nick Moran and Ralf Little, Space Age is set in a distant future in which mankind is in need of desperate measures to ease the swelling overpopulation of earth. The solution; send elderly volunteers – men and women who would rather die alone on a distant planet than live out their last years in nursing homes – to prepare new worlds for human settlement. On board the star-ship, our intrepid space travellers contemplate the enormity of their mission, the importance of purpose, and even the definition of life itself. Space Age stars Richard Wilson and Simon Callow.