FOX UK To Air ‘Louie’ Three Days After US Broadcast

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Louie‘s return to the UK is being fast-tracked by FOX.

FOX UK has announced that they have picked up the rights to air the fourth season of the critically acclaimed comedy series and will launch the show’s fourth season on Thursday May 8th at 11pm, a mere three days behind the US broadcast on 21st Century Fox’s basic cable network FX.

Created by Louis CK, the off-beat comedy series puts a spotlight on CK’s everyday ordeals, his quest to find love and his pursuit of humor. Each episode features a scripted story and a mix of his stand-up comedy, which is original material for the series. The series, which was recently renewed for a fourth season, is produced by FX Productions and stars CK as a fictionalised version of himself. The series is noted for not having a large main cast and instead relying on a revolving cast of guest stars; which in the past has included Robin Williams, Melissa Leo and Ricky Gervais.

The show’s fourth season is returning after the better part of a two-year hiatus in the US. At the time said hiatus was announced, FX said that the decision was down to Louis CK, who had asked for addition time to work on the show’s 13 episode fourth season. “Louis said he needed extra time between seasons three and four of his show because – even though Louie was the most critically acclaimed television comedy series in America – he needed to make it even better. Based on the first three episodes we’ve seen, remarkably, he accomplished his goal”, said John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions.