Consolidated Ratings: ‘Line Of Duty’ Rises To 3.2 Million Viewers

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There’s no denying it: Line of Duty is a big gainer once consolidated ratings are factored in.

Per said ratings, the second episode of the show’s second season pulled in a consolidated audience of just over 3.2 million viewers. That represents an increase of one million viewers or 45% on the initial overnight audience of 2.2 million viewers and a week-to-week gain of 0.5 million viewers or 19% on the consolidated audience for the season two premiere (2.7 million viewers). Season-to-date the second season of Line of Duty has been averaging an overnight audience of 2.1 million viewers and a consolidated audience of 3 million viewers.

Elsewhere on the night of February 19th at 9pm, Outnumbered on BBC One managed 5.5 million viewers, up 41% on the initial overnight audience of 3.9 million viewers; The Brits on ITV was more or less flat with its overnight audience of 4.2 million viewers; Channel 4’s 24 Hours In A&E pulled in 2.5 million viewers, an increase of 0.5 million viewers of 25% on the initial overnight audience of 2 million viewers; finally, over on Channel 5, NCIS saw an increase of 0.6 million viewers to post 1.6 million.