Consolidated Ratings: Line Of Duty’s Penultimate Episode Rises To 3.7 Million Viewers

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The penultimate episode of Line of Duty‘s second season has seen its audience rise to 3.7 million viewers, consolidated figures have revealed.

Said figures are up some 1.1 million viewers or 42% on the initial overnight audience of 2.6 million viewers. That also represents a week-to-week gain of 0.2 million viewers or 6% on last week’s consolidated audience of 3.5 million viewers. Season-to-date the second season of Line of Duty has been averaging an overnight audience of 2.4 million viewers and a consolidated audience of 3.3 million viewers.

Elsewhere at 9pm on the night of Wednesday March 12th, BBC One’s Famous, Rich & Hungry was more or less flat with it overnight audience; Law & Order: UK over on ITV added 0.8 million viewers or 20% to it initial overnight audience of 4 million viewers to deliver 4.8 million viewers; Channel 4’s Astronauts: Living In Space managed 2.2 million viewers, up 0.6 million viewers and 38% from its initial audience of 1.6 million viewers; while NCIS on Channel 5 added 0.5 million viewers to its initial overnight audience of 1 million to deliver 1.5 million viewers.