Channel 4 Orders Civil Service Dramedy ‘Cut’

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Channel 4 has given the green-light to Cut, a 6 episode dramedy series about a group of civil servants who are forced to relocate to Northampton due to budget cuts.

Cut follows the mercurial Katherine, early 30s, who is turned down for an attractive redundancy package and reluctantly bound for a new home. Here she meets a disparate yet similarly disillusioned group of workmates: Danny, late 20s is perma-wasted despite his co-workers believing him to be a strict Muslim. Angela, 30s, who joins Danny on his binges. Jenny, mid 20s, is far too eager for her own good, while Nathanial, mid 20s, is naïve and clueless. They’re joined by a shell-shocked Jeffries, 40s, head of Human Resources and responsible for the department’s relocation, who finds herself in the unlikely position of being on the receiving end of her own wave of cuts. Together they must readjust to their new life, their new surroundings and an inescapable new surrogate family of colleagues.

The hour-long dramedy series was penned by DC Moore, who previously wrote for Channel 4’s talent scheme Coming Up. Independent production company Clerkenwell Films – who also produced Misfits for Channel 4’s youth skewing channel E4 – are producing Cut, which was commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Drama Piers Wenger. The executive producers are Murray Ferguson and Andy Baker.

“DC Moore is a very special talent and the perfect writer to give voice to a generation of young people for whom the first step on the career path is to realise that there no longer is one”, said Wenger.

While Murray Ferguson, Executive Producer and Chief Executive of Clerkenwell Films, added: “DC Moore has created an unexpected, very funny yet searing portrayal of our lives, society and the personal challenges we face day by day. Cut is a truly original series that we’re very excited to be making for Channel 4.”