Broadcast TV Buzz: Which Shows Are Coming Back, Which Shows Are Getting Cancelled? – TVWise

As most pilots are finalising casting and entering production for that great rat race at the beginning of May, the other end of the equation is also being considered. Which bubble shows will be coming back and which will be ending to free up some room on the schedule for the glossy new entries? To help fans awaiting word on their favourite shows’ fate, TVWise’s presents its annual Broadcast TV Buzz column, which lists, by network, the latest industry intel (buzz if you will) on which shows will be back next year and which shows we will be saying goodbye to.
As the only network not to have renewed a single show there are a lot of ABC shows still waiting to hear if they’ll be back for the 2014-2015 season. Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time and Scandal are all locks for renewal and will be back next season. Its still early, but if the ratings hold, Resurrection will also secure a renewal. Things are a little hazier for Last Man Standing, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Mixology, Nashville, Revenge and Suburgatory. Last Man Standing, Revenge, The Goldbergs and Nashville have a decent shot of returning. SHIELD‘s numbers are pretty far south of what ABC was hoping for, but even so a renewal seems extremely likely. The real question marks here are Trophy Wife, Mixology and Suburgatory. If Mixology’s numbers continue to dip, its hard to see it coming back, and the same is true of Suburgatory, which barely swung a renewal last season. Trophy Wife’s numbers are soft, but it enjoys the support of Paul Lee. But then again so did Happy Endings and that support didn’t save that show. The network’s comedy development is likely to be a key factor here. Finally, the show’s which are set to be cancelled include Betrayal, Killer Women, Mind Games, The Neighbors, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and Super Fun Night.
Between the three-season renewal for the Big Bang Theory and the network’s traditional mid-March mass renewal announcement, there are not a lot of show’s whose fate has yet to be decided. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, The Millers, Mike & Molly, Mom, Two And A Half Men and the aforementioned The Big Bang Theory have all earned renewals; while We Are Men has been cancelled, leaving only Hostages, Intelligence, The Crazy Ones and The Mentalist on the bubble. Given the ratings stability and the poor live averages for both Hostages and Intelligence, neither is expected to return. The situation for The Crazy Ones and The Mentalist are a little more complex. The star power and ok-ish numbers for The Crazy Ones don’t preclude a renewal but the chances of renewal depend on the network’s comedy development. Given that, we likely wont see any movement until early May, but even so, from what I’m hearing I wouldn’t count on a second season for the Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar starrer. The numbers for The Mentalist are ok and if the series was produced in-house, odds are that it would have been renewed last week. But as it is owned, produced and distributed by Warner Bros, CBS gets no back end and thus has no horse in the race. A renewal will depend on WB and CBS working out a better deal (READ: reduced license fee) for another season. I’d give it a decent shot of returning.
The CW
Having already renewed their top performers and with the network’s drama development slate in such good shape, it’s looking like it could be a fairly fresh line up at The CW for the fall 2014-2015 season. Already renewed at the network is Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Reign; leaving only Beauty & The Beast, The Carrie Diaries, Hart Of Dixie, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People and the yet-to-premiere The 100 in limbo. Sources at the network are not being shy on declaring Star-Crossed, Beauty & The Beast and The Carrie Diaries dead, with all three not expected to return. Things are not looking good for Hart of Dixie, but freshman The Tomorrow People has a shot IF – and I stress if – the series sees a ratings uptick in its new Monday night time-slot. As expected, execs will wait ’till The 100 launches to make a decision, but the series does enjoy STRONG support at the youth-skewing network.
Like CBS, Fox has renewed the vast majority of their current line up including: The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Bones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Sleepy Hollow, The Following and Glee. With Raising Hope and Us & Them already cancelled the only shows yet to hear word on whether or not they will be back next season are Almost Human, Dads, Enlisted, Rake and the yet-to-premiere Gang Related and Surviving Jack. There has been A LOT of media speculation about Almost Human‘s possible future (or lack thereof). While there was a dip in the ratings for the finale, sources at the network have said they see “growth potential” for the series and there has recently been what another source called “meaningful discussions” between WB and Fox. There are still some hurdles, but I’d note that none of the cast has booked pilots and between all that and what I’m hearing of late, Almost Human will earn a second season renewal. The argument for a renewal for either Dads or Enlisted is not all that convincing, especially given both shows’ ratings performance. But the furthest sources were willing to go on Dads was “Kevin [Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, FBC] really loves that show”. So in short, Enlisted looks set to be cancelled while the only thing I can say with any certainty on Dads is that, by all accounts, Kevin Reilly “really loves that show.” The fates of Surviving Jack and Gang Related will, of course, not be decided until both have premiered, but soft ratings performer Rake is not expected to return.
Over at the peacock, the network has renewed only one series: breakout hit The Blacklist, starring James Spader. Having received an unofficial pick up from Bob Greenblatt at the TCAs, Parks & Recreation is considered a lock for renewal. Also set to be renewed is Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Community, Grimm, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Parenthood. Both About A Boy and Growing Up Fisher have been strong players for NBC and barring any further ratings declines, they should also be returning for second seasons. Believe and Crisis have done ok in their Sunday time-slots and as long as both – which enjoy strong support from NBC execs – don’t drop significantly in the coming weeks, they have a shot at securing renewals. Dracula is hard to get a clear read on. The ratings for the show were not good but, being a co-pro with the UK’s BSkyB, it is relatively cheap and that may save it. Hannibal‘s ratings have slumped this season and if the trend continues is looking squarely at cancellation. But like Dracula it is relatively cheap compared to series from major studios, could that save the series for a second year in a row? Finally, the shows set to be officially cancelled include The Michael J. Fox Show, Revolution and Sean Saves The World.