Horror Channel Launches “Night Terror’ App

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Chellozone’s Horror Channel is getting in on the app game. The broadcaster has launched a “night terror” app which is designed to induce nightmares in those who use it.

The Night Terror app, which is now available for the iPhone and will soon be available for Android users, utilises mobile based sleep monitoring technology to induce nightmares in users as they are entering the REM phase of the sleep cycle. Once the app detects said phase it plays various sound effects, such as cracking or grinding sounds, influencing the subconscious and triggering a nightmare. The following day the app will reveal the users “chicken level”, with the results shared on social media.

In co-ordination with the release of this app, Horror Channel will be running four films devoted to nightmares on Friday March 7th from 9pm. The films are Black Christmas, House By The Cemetery, Paperhouse and Grave Encounters. “As a horror aficionado I get a thrill from a scary dream and love dissecting my dark mind’s subconscious. I’m sure I’m not alone! This app is certainly not for the feint hearted or those of a nervous disposition, but perfect for fans in search of a thrill once the lights are out”, said Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth, who will be live-tweeting as all four films are aired.