TV Trailer: BBC Four's ‘Salamander’ – TVWise

BBC Four has released a trailer for their latest foreign-language drama acquisition Salamander, which is set to premiere early next month.
Salamander tells the story of a Brussels bank which holds, in their safety deposit boxes, secrets that can bring down a nation. When the 66 safe-deposit boxes are raided the owner of the bank wants to keep the thefts under wraps but police inspector Paul Gerardi catches wind of the affair. With his incorruptible, old-school morals and devil-may-care attitude, Gerardi throws himself into the investigation and when some of the key players are murdered, commit suicide or vanish hesoon realises just how big the case is. Gerardi discovers that the victims are members of a secret organisation called Salamander, made up of the country’s industrial, financial, judicial and political elite, and the safe-deposit boxes contained their most intimate secrets – secrets that could bring down the nation. As he becomes the target of both the criminals and the authorities, Gerardi must quickly find out what their agenda is. And who is behind the thefts. The 12 episode series is produced by Skyline Entertainment and features a large cast which includes Filip Peeters, Mike Verdrengh, Violet Braeckman, Koen De Bouw, Lucas Van den Eynde, Jo De Meyere, Koen Van Impe, Warre Borgmans, Vic De Wachter and Tine Reymer.
BBC Four’s Trailer For Salamander Follows Below: