Red Planet Pictures To Produce Motown Musical Drama Series

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Tony Jordan’s Red Planet Pictures – the independent production company behind BBC One’s Death In Paradise and UKTV’s first original drama series Legion – has struck a deal with EMI Music Publishing to produce a 10 episode drama series based around Motown anthems.

The project, titled Stop! In The Name Of Love, is being written by Jordan and features a wealth of behind the scenes talent including UK film producer Duncan Kenworthy, Peter Smith and John Kennedy. The series will use the music of Berry Gordy Junior’s famous record label as an integral part of the contemporary drama’s storyline about a group of smart thirty-somethings and their search for love and friendship, with the characters singing the songs within the spoken narrative as an intrinsic part of the plot, character and tone of the show. Red Planet Pictures is producing the drama and are currently shopping the series to various UK and international broadcasters. The executive producers are Tony Jordan and Duncan Kenworthy.

“Stop! is an exciting new project, offering something very different from any other show on television. We’ve set out to make a series that truly reflects the multi-cultural world we’ve become, showing that human emotions and experiences are universal”, said Red Planet Pictures’ Tony Jordan. “The music of Motown is iconic, perfectly encapsulating the ecstasy and heartbreak of love and providing a powerful punch that dialogue alone sometimes just can’t reach. The musical arrangements and cutting edge choreography will give us a uniquely modern take on a genre of music that is truly timeless.”

While Executive Producer Duncan Kenworthy added: “Music has played a critical part in everything I’ve produced, and I’m very excited about this opportunity to integrate some of the coolest songs ever written into the emotional lives of four women looking for love. Motown came from Detroit but captured the world. Stop! In The Name Of Love will use Motown’s unforgettable tunes and powerful lyrics to help express the complicated love lives – the heart and the heartbreak – of the new world we’re living in.”