UKTV’s Dave Channel Renews ‘Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish’ For Two More Seasons

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Dave Gorman will be sticking with Dave for two more years. UKTV’s Dave channel has renewed Gorman’s series Modern Life Is Goodish for a further two seasons, which will air in late 2014 and 2015. The show’s second and third seasons have been handed 8 episode orders, up from the six episodes that were ordered for the show’s first season.

Loosely based on Gorman’s critically acclaimed live show, Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish sees Gorman using his own unique blend of stand up & visual storytelling to share his observations and venting his frustrations on a wide range of modern world phenomena. The series is produced by Liberty Bell, with Nick Martin and James Fidler serving as producers. The executive producers are Jamie Isaacs and Iain Coyle.

The renewal comes after the show’s first season premiered on Dave last year and quickly became a ratings hit for the UKTV channel, ranking as Dave’s highest rated commission of 2013. The premiere episode attracted an audience of 0.53 million viewers, up 40% on the slot-average; while the show’s fifth episode hit a series high with 0.64 million viewers, up nearly 70% on the slot-average. Modern Life Is Goodish also helped attract more younger viewers to Dave and is estimated by UKTV to have reached some 5.2 million viewers.

“I’m delighted to be welcoming Dave Gorman back to the channel and to be forging a strong relationship with him that will span the next two years”, said UKTV’s Senior Commissioning Editor Richard Watsham, who commissioned these two additional seasons. “I think we’ve found a format that really plays to Dave’s strengths, brilliant wit and observation with a large dollop of mischief; he’s found a rich vein that has a genuine resonance with our viewers and most importantly is very funny!”

Steve North, General Manager of Dave, commented: “Dave Gorman has quickly become a firm favourite with viewers. His unique style of humour has proved to be a perfect fit for the channel and it’s a testament to the incredible success of the show that we have commissioned two more series for Dave.”

While Jamie Isaacs, Executive Producer for Liberty Bell, added: “It’s been a great privilege to work with Dave Gorman on his new series. We’ve also all felt huge creative support from the channel and are delighted to get to develop the series even further.”