Passion Distribution Sells UKTV’s ‘The Happenings’ To Australia & New Zealand, Nears US Deal

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The Happenings – the latest magic series commissioned by UKTV for their Watch channel – is going global.

Passion Distribution has secured a number of  international sales for the 4 episode series. Following the ratings success of another Watch commission Dynamo: Magician Impossible Seven Network in Australia pre-bought The Happenings, and Passion has since sold the series to TVNZ in New Zealand. Passion Distribution is also in discussions with a number of international broadcasters and are close to finalising a deal with a major U.S. network.

The Happenings follows magicians Barry and Stuart as they set about making the unbelievable believable to the unsuspecting residents of towns across the UK and America. Each of the four episodes are self contained and feature a number of mysterious incidents that play out over the course of a few weeks in four different towns. The local populations are in the dark, but viewers are in on it from the start and can expect to be amazed and surprised by the incredible events as they unravel before them. The series is produced by Objective Productions and Crook Productions with Richard Watsham, Matt Crook and Andrew Newman serving as executive producers.

“The Happenings is a tremendously exciting new project for UKTV and we’re delighted by the early response to it from overseas buyers”, said Jonathan Newman, Head of Programme Distribution at UKTV. “Passion has done a brilliant job with international sales of Dynamo: Magician Impossible and it’s great to be working with them on another tent-pole UKTV commission.”