Consolidated Ratings: BBC One’s ‘The Paradise’ Slips To 5 Million Viewers

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As had been hinted at by the initial overnight ratings, the fifth episode of BBC One’s The Paradise lost half a million viewers week-to-week, consolidated figures have revealed.

The fifth episode of The Paradise‘s second season, which originally aired on Sunday November 17th at 8pm, pulled in a consolidated audience of 5 million viewers. That is a gain of 0.8 million viewers or 19% on the initial overnight audience of 4.2 million viewers but also represented a week-to-week loss of around 0.5 million viewers or 9% on last week’s consolidated audience of 5.5 million viewers. Season-to-date the second season of The Paradise has been averaging an overnight audience of 4.7 million viewers and a consolidated audience of 5.5 million viewers.

Elsewhere on the night of Sunday November 17th at 8pm, BBC Two’s Great Continental Railway Journeys pulled in 2.7 million viewers, up 13% on the initial overnight audience of 2.4 million viewers; ITV’s The X Factor attracted a consolidated audience of 9.8 million viewers, up 7% on the overnight audience of 9.2 million viewers; Channel 4′s Secret History – Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy added 0.3 million viewers to its initial overnight audience of 1.4 million viewers to deliver 1.7 million viewers.