Yahoo UK To Launch Satirical Animated Series Based On “Queen_UK” Twitter Feed

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The digital space continues to be a fertile ground for new and exclusive content. Yahoo UK has announced that they will be launching a six-part short-form animated series based on the spoof twitter account @Queen_UK – which has more than 1.1 million followers and parodies Her Majesty The Queen’s conversations with her family and serving politicians – titled Yes, Ma’am.

Yes, Ma’am, which consists of six three minute episodes, is devised and written by the very same secret creator of the Twitter feed and will launch on Yahoo on November 15th at 5pm. Subsequent episodes will also be made available on Fridays at the same time, with a Christmas Special scheduled to go live on Christmas Day. The series is produced by the digital agency Sweetweets, with animation by Cutlass Productions. Spitting Image alum Kate Robbins is providing the voices for most of the female characters such as The Queen, Mrs Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall. Lewis Macleod is providing the voices for most of the male characters, including Prince William, Prince Harry, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson and Her Majesty’s faithful bookie Mr Stubbs; while Steve Hope Wynne will voice PM David Cameron.

“Spitting Image was a defining show which captured the key moments of it time”, said Kate Robbins. “I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes Ma’am”! It’s a brilliant concept and I’m looking forward to bringing it to life in this exciting new animation series.”

While Dan Watt-Smith, Head of Video for Yahoo, added: “Usually we see characters from TV shows beating a path to Twitter, but we’re trying an alternative approach, creating an online video series for the Queen’s dedicated followers and subjects. Each episode will not only give us a topical angle to promote, but will have long-term appeal, much like her Majesty.”