Watch Orders Magic Show 'The Happenings' From Objective Productions – TVWise

Magic shows have become a new battleground for digi-channels. The success of Watch’s Dynamo Magician Impossible and the recent launch of the similar themed Tricked on ITV2 has led to renewed interest in the genre and now UKTV is adding another such series to their line up. The commercial network has given the green-light to The Happenings, a 4 episode series which showcases how large-scale illusions can lead a whole community to believe in unexplained phenomenon, for their flagship entertainment channel Watch.
The Happenings follows magicians Barry and Stuart as they set about making the unbelievable believable to the unsuspecting residents of towns across the UK and America. Each of the four episodes are self contained and feature a number of mysterious incidents that play out over the course of a few weeks in four different towns. The local populations are in the dark, but viewers are in on it from the start and can expect to be amazed and surprised by the incredible events as they unravel before them. The series is produced by Objective Productions and Crook Productions with Richard Watsham, Matt Crook and Andrew Newman serving as executive producers.
“The Happenings is a new type of narrative magic show that brings the most extraordinary movie scenes to life in front of bewildered onlookers”, said UKTV’s Commissioning Editor Richard Watsham. “The outcome is a truly spectacular series that shows Watch can be as bold and innovative in entertainment as any other channel around.”
Steve Hornsey, General Manager for Watch, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Objective Productions on this fantastic piece of event TV. The programme contains all the elements which makes Watch a unique viewing destination. Extraordinary and surprising content, that’s out of the ordinary.”
While Executive Producer Matt Crook added: “It’s always exciting to bring a big new ambitious idea to Watch and push magic in an interesting and new direction.”
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