Interview: Rachel Boston Talks Lifetime's New Series 'Witches Of East End' – TVWise

From Signal Mountain, Tennessee, to New York University at the age of 17, Rachel Boston has had quite the journey on her way to becoming one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood today. With regular series roles in television shows such as American Dreams, In Plain Sight and The Ex List, Rachel has demonstrated the ability to portray a wide range of characters. Add to that movie roles in films such as the Golden Globe nominated (500) Days of Summer, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past and The Pill, for which she won Best Actress at both the San Diego Film Festival and the Gen Art Film Festival, and she is becoming a force to reckon with in the industry. Rachel’s also added executive producer to her list of credits with the television movie Holiday High School Reunion and the film Black Marigolds.
Her latest role is playing Ingrid Beauchamp in the new Lifetime series Witches of East End. The series is loosely based on a novel of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz. Rachel was kind enough to sit down with TVWise to discuss her new role, witchcraft the power of family and what fans can expect from the new series.
TVWise: Actors receive many scripts, what was it about Witches of East End that made you want to be a part of the project?
Rachel Boston: I love a story filled with mystery, romance, magic, and adventure and was very excited to begin this journey. The show centers around the Beauchamp family. When my sister and I are born, our mother casts a spell on us so we don’t actually know we have supernatural gifts but soon discover we are the next generation of powerful witches. So I was inspired by the story of two woman discovering who they are and delving into the world of magic. Once we enter this realm, anything is possible.
TVWise: Can you tell us a bit about your character Ingrid Beauchamp?
Rachel Boston: Ingrid Beauchamp lives a quiet life as a librarian in East End and her journey is really just beginning. She’s smart, sensitive, and absolutely terrified when she finds out that she is a witch but courageously dives in head first and discovers how strong she really is.
TVWise: Did you know anything about witchcraft? What kind of research did you do for the role?
Rachel Boston: Faith has always been part of my life. I do believe in forces beyond what the eye can see and Witches of East End explores this world. Before we filmed the pilot, I read many books on the mystical world. That’s what is so much fun about this show; it opens a door to the unknown and can take you anywhere.
TVWise: Your character has to quickly accept that fact that she is a witch and has the potential to be very powerful. How do you think that will affect her relationships with the family? With Adam?
Rachel Boston: She is certainly confused by this newfound truth which has been hidden from her for her entire life. It’s dangerous and exciting. As she starts to understand who she really is, all of her relationships change. She feels more connected to the world around her because she is becoming more comfortable with who she really is and the world of magic.
TVWise: What is it like working with Julia and the rest of this fantastic cast?
Rachel Boston: I love our witch family! I feel so fortunate to work with so many strong, empowered women. Julia [Ormond], Jenna [Dewan Tatum], and Madchen [Amick] are extraordinary. You learn a lot working with women who have navigated beautiful lives both professionally and personally. And I think it’s incredibly important for women to be support systems for each other on our journey through life and through career.
TVWise: What similarities, if any, do you share with your character in real life?
Rachel Boston: I certainly relate to Ingrid’s journey. I grew up on a mountain in Tennessee and moved to New York City by myself when I was 17 so I relate to being out of my comfort zone and in an unfamiliar land figuring it out step by step. And I’ve weathered a lot of storms and they have made me stronger so that’s something I am now very thankful for. I understand her sensitivity. In a world where sensitivity can be looked at as a weakness, it’s wonderful to portray a woman who discovers that her heart and this sensitivity actually support her intuition, power, and strength.
TVWise: There are several shows that deal with vampires, witches, demons and so forth, what makes Witches of East End stand out from the rest?
Rachel Boston: The heart. Through all the curses, spells, romance, and adventures, Witches of East End is centered around the heart of a family.
TVWise: Why do you think there is such a fascination with vampires, witches and so on?
Rachel Boston: They transport you to another world and the messages are universal. You can take stories further in the world of magic. If you meet someone and fall in love, you can explore other lives and the ways you may have been connected in the past. And they are fun. Magic is really fun.
What can we look forward to in the upcoming episodes for the series? Any inside information you can tell us?
Rachel Boston: Oh, so much adventure is ahead! And in the middle of the first season, Ingrid travels back to the early 1900’s and explores who she used to be and it’s a huge surprise. She was a very different woman than she is today.
TVWise: You’ve played some very strong characters in your career, very strong females leads in Witches as well, is that a conscious decision when you are looking for your next project?
Rachel Boston: Thank you for asking me that. Yes, I love telling stories about women who are connecting with the strength they have inside and evolve through the challenges they face in life and overcomes the adversity within themselves and in the world. It is something very important to me and being part of a show about empowerment is very exciting.]
Witches of East End premieres on Lifetime on Sunday October 6th at 10/9c.