TV Trailer: BBC One's 'By Any Means' – TVWise

BBC One has released a trailer for their upcoming drama series By Any Means, which is set to premiere on Sunday September 22nd at 9pm.
Created by a writing team comprised of Tony Jordan, Richard Zajdlic, James Payne, Jeff Povey and Richard Lazarus, By Any Means has been described as a “gritty police drama” which follows police officer Jack Quinn who runs a clandestine police department that, when the legal system fails, go to any lengths to bring the criminal elite to justice. Quinn’s shadowy and brilliant team will go about their business, exploiting weaknesses, weaving a web of cunning and deception that leads the unwary target into the arms of justice. The series is produced by Red Planet Pictures and stars Warren Brown, Elliot Knight, Shelley Conn, Gina McKee, Andrew Lee Potts, John Henshaw, Keith Allen, Kate Dickie, Neil Maskell and Martin Jarvis.
BBC One’s Trailer For By Any Means Follows Below: