Cinemax Picks Up U.S. Rights To ‘Strike Back: Origins’, Sets October 25th Premiere

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Cinemax has announced that they have picked up the U.S. broadcast rights to Strike Back: Origins – Sky1’s initial 6 episode series of Strike Back, known simply as Chris Ryan’s Strike Back or season 1 in its native UK, which would be used as the foundation for the series proper when Cinemax boarded the series as a co-producer in 2011. I hear that the network has had the rights to the initial six episode series since inking the co-production agreement, but held back on airing it given how different their “new version” of the series was to the original. Strike Back: Origins is set to premiere on Cinemax on Friday October 25th at 10/9c, a week after the show’s current season wraps its run.

Based on the novel of the same name by Chris Ryan, Strike Back: Origins tells the story of John Porter, an SAS soldier who realizes a connection between a current hostage situation and a mission he ran in Iraq in 2003. He appeals to Hugh Collinson, a fellow team member from that mission who now runs the stealth counterterrorism unit Section 20 for the UK government, to allow him to join the rescue mission. Porter and Collinson have gone in sharply different directions in the years since their original mission went awry, with one enjoying a successful military career and the other’s life falling apart. The series was produced by Left Bank Pictures and starred Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) and Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead). The character of John Porter would go on to make an appearance in the first season of Strike Back to air on Cinemax, providing some continuity between the original series and the later co-pro.

Cinemax’s Trailer For Strike Back: Origins Follows Below: