UKTV’s Yesterday Channel Acquires ‘Weather That Changed The World’

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UKTV has closed a deal with Passion Distribution to acquire factual series Weather That Changed The World for its Yesterday channel. The nine episode skein is expected to air this October and follows on from the recent deal with Entertainment One to acquire Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed The World.

Weather That Changed The World uses extreme weather footage, reconstructions and testimony from experts to reveal how the history of the world has been defined by the elements and how weather continues to impact our lives today. Severe drought, torrential rain, extreme cold and unpredictable winds are among nature’s most powerful forces. The series, which is produced by Pioneer Productions,  delves into the past and investigates the impact of these extreme weather conditions on monumental events such as the Hindenburg crash, the sinking of the Titanic and the Challenger disaster.

“Weather that Changed the World unravels the mystery behind some of history’s most infamous events by showing how they were shaped by the elements”, said Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday. “It answers questions like why there was an iceberg in the Titanic’s path, and how the extreme cold contributed to the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Taking in the impact of weather on warfare, the series also shows how the destiny of millions has been determined by quirks of nature.”

UKTV’s Acquisitions Executive Emma Sparks, who negotiated the deal between UKTV and Passion Distribution, commented: “Weather That Changed The World provides gripping viewing, revealing the true force of nature and how underestimating the weather can have unexpected and even devastating consequences.”

While Emma Simpkins, Director of Sales at Passion Distribution, added: “We are delighted that this fascinating series has been picked up by Yesterday as it always felt like a true fit, given that the show offers a new angle on familiar historical events which Yesterday as a channel always strives to do.”