Amazon Gives Pilot Order To GVTV’s ‘The After’ From ‘X-Files’ Creator Chris Carter – TVWise

The X-Files creator Chris Carter is one step closer to getting a new television series on the air. Amazon has handed a pilot order to Carter’s new project The After, TVWise has confirmed.
Created by Carter, The After is a thriller set in Los Angeles which explores the coming apocalypse. I hear that the drama begins after a strange event strikes the Earth. There is no government statement on this event and it is shrouded in secrecy and will ultimately lead to a far greater cataclysmic event. The series will follow a core group of characters who try to discover just what has happened and why, while also doing what they must to survive. One source described it as a combination of The X-Files and Falling Skies. “It’s a mystery series set right at the end of the world”, one source tells me. I also understand that, as one would expect with a genre show such as this, The After will be largely serialised and utilise season long story arcs. Georgeville Television is producing, with Carter set to direct and executive produce the pilot.
The news of the pilot order, which was first reported by Deadline, comes after Carter, who has largely steered clear of television for the past few years, attempted to get a new series titled Unique on air for the 2012-2013 season. However, despite the pitch being “well received” at multiple networks, the project did not sell and was declared DOA by my sources in April 2012.