UKTV & Pepsi MAX Team To Debut 'Dynamo Magician Impossible' Season 3 On Watch's Website Ahead Of TV Premiere – TVWise

UKTV and Pepsi MAX – who is already a sponsor of Dynamo – have announced a new sponsorship deal, with Pepsi MAX sponsoring all showings of Dynamo Magician Impossible on Watch until the end of 2013. In addition, it has also been announced that, in a first for UKTV, the two have teamed together for Dynamo Unlock, a second-screen promo campaign to premiere the first episode of the show’s third season on the Watch website before it airs on television on July 11th.
Fans of the series will be able to watch the opening episode a week ahead of its television debut by collecting his trademark playing cards in the ad breaks featured on Watch during the repeat of season 2, which will air from Monday July 1st to Thursday July 4th at 9pm. During the first ad break of each episode of season 2, Dynamo will appear on screen to reveal a playing card and direct viewers to where they will be the first to see exclusive clips from the new season. Dynamo will engage with his fans on and their social feedback will also air on Watch during the episode from season 2. Each playing card unlocks a clip and once all four cards are collected, fans will be granted access to an online exclusive viewing of the premiere episode of season 3 one week before it airs on Watch.
“The Dynamo Unlock campaign is unique within the British TV market and is a bold initiative for UKTV. It is the first time anyone has combined a second screen event during commercial breaks with social media interactivity and completed the loop by displaying that dialogue back on the TV screen in real time”, said Julia Jordan, Executive Director Business & Operations at UKTV. “It provides a great opportunity for cross-platform engagement, it incentivises Watch viewers to stay through the ad break and it allows us to reward Dynamo’s loyal fans with exclusive content and encourages social media interaction via #DynamoUnlock. We are also delighted to announce the Pepsi MAX sponsorship of Dynamo: Magician Impossible which will include exclusive sponsorship of Dynamo Unlock. This is a perfect opportunity for an advertiser to achieve an intimate relationship with Dynamo and his fans, and to benefit from being at the forefront of an exciting new TV initiative.”
While Rebecca Burke, PepsiCo UK Senior Brand Manager, added: “Following on from our announcement about partnering with Dynamo, being an intrinsic part of his award winning show on Watch seemed like the perfect opportunity to add even more depth to our relationship. Dynamo: Magician Impossible is a fantastic show and real appointment to view TV, and I’m sure this new series will deliver even more incredible street magic and unforgettable illusions.”