BBC Developing Medical Comedy Series ‘Porters’ From Feelgood Fiction

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EXCLUSIVE: It looks like the BBC is after a new medical comedy series. My sources tell me that the BBC has put into development a new medically themed series titled Porters. I understand that, at present, there is no specific channel attached to Porters and that the BBC has seen a completed script for a pilot episode which was written by Dan Sefton. Sefton, repped by Blake Friedmann, has a background in medicine and has written extensively for medical dramas including Doctors, Casualty and Holby City.

Created by Sefton, Porters follows the exploits of a quirky group of porters at an NHS hospital. It is the job of the porters to move patients between different departments and wards in the hospital. They also transport equipment that may need expert handling around the building. The comedy is set up at Feelgood Fiction, who produced Sefton’s previous comedy series Gates for Sky Living.

As I understand it, describing Porters as new (as I did above) is actually a little misleading. I hear that this comedy project has been in the works for quite some time and when the genesis of Porters was described to me it seemed to be the very definition of development hell. According to my sources, Porters has actually been in the works for several years. I hear that Sefton and Feelgood Fiction have been developing this comedy since as far back as 2008. I’m also told that it had previously been pitched to numerous broadcasters and landed at the BBC several years ago, but was passed on by a previous regime. It’s only now that BBC Comedy, under the new direction of former Channel 4 Comedy boss Shane Allen, is giving it another shot.